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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Below you can find the answers of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about IELTS.

1- Explanation for the IELTS Test

The two types of the IELTS test are IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. If your goal is higher education or a professional career in an English-speaking environment, you should take the IELTS Academic test. The IELTS Academic test measures your academic language proficiency and determines your adequateness for any job or study.
The IELTS General Training test, on the other hand, measures a more general level of English. Applicants for secondary education, work experience or training programs in English-speaking countries can take this test. Additionally, Australia, Canada, New
Zealand and the United Kingdom require those wishing to immigrate to take this test.
The test assesses whether you have basic survival skills in everyday life and work
contexts. The Listening and Speaking sections are similar in both tests, but the
Reading and Writing topics differ in the Academic and General IELTS tests.

Available IELTS tests are IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training tests. Your purpose is important in determining the type of test you should take.

IELTS can guide various choices in your life. Maybe you are considering moving abroad, maybe you are about to start a new career, maybe you are just focused on improving your language. In short, be sure to find out which one is most appropriate before choosing your test.

IELTS Academic

IELTS Academic Test aims to measure your English language proficiency in an academic context. It is suitable to reflect your English language adequateness required for beginning an academic training or studying.

You should take this test if your aim is: 

  • An undergraduate level or postgraduate level degree in an English-speaking environment
  • Student Route visa (Tier 4) at a university that is a Student route (Tier 4) Sponsor in the UK
  • A carrier for a professional organization in an English-speaking country

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IELTS General Training

IELTS General Training Test aims to measure your English language proficiency in a
everyday life context. It is suitable to reflect your English language adequateness in
both business and social environments.

You should take this test if your aim is:

  • Below degree level studying or training
  • A professional position or a work related training in an English-speaking
  • Emigration to an English-speaking country
  • A carrier change in your country of residence.

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Based on your choice, you can take IELTS on paper or on computer with Ataner English Centre.

2- About the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking Parts

Since IELTS is an international test, a variety of English accents can be heard in both tests.
In the beginning, you will hear instructions. Then, you will have a pause to read the questions in part 1 after which you have to listen and answer them.

No. The Reading test lasts for one hour. You should answer all the questions on the answer sheet during this time.

No. You should use pencil since the answer sheet is read by a computer which cannot scan pen markings.

Yes. The IELTS Examiner will not see your question paper or the notes on them.

In the Speaking test, you will have a conversation with a certified IELTS Examiner. It consists of three parts and it will be recorded on an audio cassette or digitally.

The identification documents you provided on your IELTS Application Form should be with you. Your ID will be controlled before entering the interview room. Personal items such as electronic devices and watches will not be allowed in the interview room.

3. How to prepare for IELTS Exam

If you want to prepare in the shortest time,  ATANER ENGLISH CENTRE provides professional IELTS courses supported with mock tests, preparation courses, 1-1 classes and online self-study portal. Ataner teachers specialized on IELTS give written feedback and support students at all stages while preparing for the IELTS test.

4. Booking an IELTS Test

Depending on the local demand, IELTS tests are available up to four times
a month. You can find the dates at Ataner exam centre here.

The cost of an IELTS test is 215 Euros. Both Academic and General
Training tests are the same.

Child Protection Consent Form should be filled and submitted by the
candidates who are under the age of 18 during the registration process.
This form should be printed by the candidate and brought to the exam
centre on the test day.

5. On the Test Day

You should bring only pens, pencils and erasers. You should also have the
passport/national identity card you submitted on the IELTS Application Form along
with you. You should leave all your other belongings including personal watches
outside the testing room. All kinds of electronic devices such as mobile phones and
pagers should be turned off and left with other personal belongings in the area
indicated by the supervisor. You will be disqualified if you do not do so.

Listening part comes first, and then you can continue to the Reading, Writing and
Speaking tests (be informed that there will be no breaks between them). Your
Speaking test will be held on the same day.

The test starts at 9 am on the exam day and candidates have to be at the exam centre at 8:30 am at the latest.

6. Results, scores and report forms :

Your Test Report Form will be sent to Ataner Exam Centre in 3-5 working days for computer delivered IELTS and 10-12 working days for paper based IELTS after your exam date. You will only receive a single copy, so be sure to keep it in a secure place. Requests for additional report forms cost 25 euros each.

Yes, you will be given a link to view your IELTS scores by Ataner Exam Centre. It will
be possible to view your results online in 3-5 working days for computer delivered
IELTS and 10-12 working days for paper based IELTS after your exam date.
IELTS test results will be online for 28 days but they do not represent an official
confirmation of your performance.

A 9-band scoring system is used in IELTS tests to calculate and report test scores in a standard manner. You will get individual band scores for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking in addition to an Overall Band Score on a band scale from one to nine.
There are no pass or fail scores in the IELTS tests. Scores are placed on the 9-band system. Educational institutions or organisations decide their own level of IELTS scores to cover their requirements.
If you are not satisfied with your test results and would like to have a re-evaluation, you should contact the center where you registered for the test within six weeks of your test date. You can choose which parts of the test you want reevaluated. A fee is charged for re-evaluation of IELTS test results (EOR), but this fee will be refunded if your score improves on any part of the test. Your result will be ready in 2-21 days, depending on the factors such as the number of sections requested for re- evaluation.
Up to five additional copies of your Test Report Form can be sent directly to the institutions you desire such as universities and immigration officers, etc. If you request copies to be sent by us, please inform Ataner exam centre during your exam registration process.
The validity of the Test Report Form (TRF) is two years. Additional copies are not given to test takers but we can send a TRF to the requested institution or embassy. Sending up to five copies will be free of charge. More copies will cost a small administration charge. You should contact your test centre for further details.

7. Cancellations, refund and re-taking

There are certain timeframes for refunds. If you postpone or cancel your application at least five weeks before the test date, you will receive a refund, excluding the administration fee. If you postpone or cancel five weeks before the test date, you will be charged the full fee. If you have a medical reason, you will be reimbursed, excluding local administrative costs, if you submit a medical report within five days of the test date.
If you do not attend the exam without prior notice, you will pay the full fee. However, if you have a medical reason, you will be reimbursed, excluding local administrative costs, if you submit a medical report within five days of the test date.
If the IELTS test center deems it appropriate, they may allow you to take the test on the next available test date.

There is no limit to retaking the test. However, we recommend that you do additional
work to improve your grade before retaking the test. Ataner test centre offers
preparatory courses and General English classes with private tutors or group classes
depending on your level and needs.

8. Login and account

Please contact Ataner Exam Centre about your IELTS registration account to
get your login details ( username & password) once you complete your registration.

Why Choose
Ataner English Academy?


This course is for:

  • Students who want to get ready IELTS exam in the shortest possible time.
  • Students who have at least lower-intermediate level of English (B1) (students with lower level of English should first take our General English courses).
  • Students who want professional guidance on their way to their dreams.
  • Students who do not want to travel to take an English course and use the advantage of the technology to save time and energy by the means of online courses.
  • Students who want to take online classes on their mobile devices or laptops at the comfort of their homes.
  • Students who want to focus on their weaknesses and improve their IELTS exam grade in the shortest possible time by learning all the tips and tricks of the exam.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Improve their IELTS grade in all parts of the exam.
  • Recognize and overcome challenges found in IELTS exam.
  • Write different academic essay types.
  • Evaluate and self correct their speaking & writing.
  • Demonstrate enhanced vocabulary in writing and speaking.
  • Formulate, express and defend opinions using appropriate vocabulary.
  • Demonstrate improved listening skills for comprehension and details.
  • Improve Academic English proficiency, problem solving skills and effective communication skills.

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