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If you are looking to improve your level of English, communicate with people more effectively, get ready for international English exams & be the best version of yourself – as ATANER family, we are here to help you – we show you the shortest possible path for reaching your dreams with our wide range of services and global partners all around the globe.


We have prepared the best courses with the specialised content for your exam preparation and all English learning purposes. With the combination of intensive self study portals, latest course materials, private live classes, specialised feedback and personal tutors, we guarantee your learning in the shortest possible time. We help you to save time, energy and time while supporting you to overcome any obstacle on your way to your dreams. 

General English

This course is for everyone who wants to improve his/her proficiency in English, including all skills (Listening,Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary)
From 89.99

IELTS Fast Track

This course is for everyone who wants to get ready / improve their skills for IELTS exam. You can choose one of our online IELTS courses which are provided with 30 years of experience in education and continuously improved according to experience of thousands of IELTS students’ needs. You can either choose the self study course which provides you the chance to improve your skills for IELTS at your own pace or you can combine self study course with live online classes with IELTS experts which enables you to get private support and personalized feedback for all your work.
From 49.99


This course is for students who want to learn the details of the TOEFL IBT exam including all the techniques and skills necessary to improve their exam score. By the means on the detailed all-in-one complete study platform which is used by thousands of successful students every month, our students get their target scores in the shortest possible time.
From 79.99