General English Online Course

Our General English course is designed for students who are aiming to learn or to improve their English language skills. This course is focused at familiarizing students with the English Language and to improve their English language proficiency in all categories such as Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading, Grammar and Vocabulary.


General English

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What's included in the course:

  • Access to our all-in-one intensive online learning platform.
  • Online teacher-led live lessons.
  • End of lesson tests
  • Complete practice tests
  • Personal support tutor
  • Personal feedback on all your work
  • Academic / General vocabulary Booklet
  • Professional Educational / Career Consultancy

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Improve their level in all components – speaking, reading, listening
    and writing.
  • Recognize and overcome challenges in English Language.
  • Write different academic essay types.
  • Evaluate and self correct their speaking.
  • Demonstrate enhanced vocabulary in writing and speaking.
  • Formulate, express and defend opinions using appropriate vocabulary.
  • Gain effective communication skills
  • Express their ideas more confidently and clearly
  • Demonstrate improved listening skills for comprehension and details


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Pricing Plan


99 Monthly
  • 1 Month access to our all-in-one interactive learning platform
  • Online Teacher-led live classes (1 hour / week)
  • Speaking classes with certified native British teachers
  • 7 e-books (Lifetime access)
  • Academic / General vocabulary Booklet
  • Personal support tutor
  • Professional Educational / Career Consultancy


99 Monthly
  • 1 Month access to our all-in-one interactive learning platform
  • Online Teacher-led live classes | 4 hour / week
  • Speaking classes with certified native British teachers
  • 7 e-books (Lifetime access)
  • Academic / General vocabulary Booklet
  • Personal support tutor
  • Professional Educational / Career Consultancy

Study with the most effective online English Academy.

The options of having 1-hour small group or 1-1 private lessons

Study online throughout the day whenever you have free time

Native speaking and professional staff

Let’s get real

Getting to know a language can be difficult even if the apps make it look too easy. Achieving significant success in language learning is similar to preparing yourself for a marathon. You have to set aims, form a routine habit and be determined on the path of language learning. Due to our interactive procedures which are made by 20 years of expertise in the field of teaching all levels and ages, with ATANER ENGLISH ACADEMY you will get success in the shortest possible time.

Talk like a native

It is crucial to produce the language grammatically accurately; however, occasionally it’s not similar to how natives actually talk.

Unlikely with normal apps or schools, we provide the knowledge of routine language such as idioms, cultural references and native expressions, in order for you to understand how natives talk naturally.

Everyday examples

Our study sessions are packed with simple instances from routine circumstances which can be demonstrated in all your live classes and with the videos in our online learning portal which is created individually for each of our student.

Genuine topics

Our topics are practical and derived from routine circumstances in order for you to learn appropriate vocabulary and progress gradually.

Actual language

We place emphasis on making you understand natural language which will assist you to have easy conversations even with the natives.

Ataner saves your time & energy & money

Our online sessions don’t have the daily transportation hassle which means you can invest all your energy in your studies. We provide the best courses at reasonable cost, with no hidden prices. It is about 20% cheaper than the normal language learning schools and have %96 success rate at students’ international exam results.


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Most Frrequently Asked Quesstions and Answers 

Apart from the teaching of grammar and vocabulary, your ATANER teacher also concentrates on important everyday topics that can be applied to students’ real life including topics like jobs and routine lives. By this way, students of all levels can easily apply their learning from the lessons to actual situations in their lives. We promise that each sentence, task and subject will have a positive effect on your conversational skills in English.  

Yes. We boast different categories of lessons which all concentrate on various language proficiency: Conversing, Talking, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Writing. With these important skills, you can easily communicate in all types of circumstances, be familiar with native speakers globally and feel at ease setting simple to difficult sentence structures.

Being an Ataner student, you can download the class materials free of cost and utilize them anytime. After the class, you can get a quiz to assist you with revision and demonstrate the new skills. For English students, exercises and video recordings of the lessons can be downloaded. All materials are specifically made by Ataner specialists to match CEFR standards. If you want to know more about CEFR, check this link.

It is normal to think of language levels as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. However, this classification is way too broad.

At Ataner, we utilize the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It is an internationally acknowledged standard which explains the learning success in detail. In easy words, the framework guides you to describe your level from Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C1).

The CEFR levels are set on top of each other to the local speaking fluency.

The language courses we provide are matched with the CEFR levels, so when you know your level, we can advise the effective classes to initiate your success. If you’re not aware of your level, you will get the chance to have our online proficiency test ( CEFR level).

Studying a language requires a lot more than going by the syllabus. This is where our knowledgeable native speaking teachers assist. All of our teachers are certified, professional and have expertise in teaching. Teaching is not just their profession, it’s their passion.

At Ataner, you have the chance to learn from another teacher in each class. Studying in varying methods and different accents is one reason why learning with Ataner is so unique. Moreover, in case you become fond of a teacher, you can book your future classes with that specific teacher by informing the admission with a message.  

After setting time for a class on your platform, you will participate in class individually or with 2 to 4 students at your level and with similar needs of development in language skills. The teacher will give a brief introduction and initiate teaching utilizing the learning materials which are downloadable after each class. In the class, we help you to engage not only with the learning materials and teacher, but with other students too which in turn increases your exposure with the target language (English). When the class ends, the teacher gives a summary of the lesson and makes sure that all students have acquired it with the tasks to do yourself after the lesson and with end of lesson tests.

We all make mistakes and this is how we learn. Our classes are purposely kept small (3 to 5 students) so that you can thoroughly learn speaking by actually practicing it, get customized feedback from your teacher and learn with the tailor made curriculum which is created according to your needs and weaknesses in language skills. You can also learn a lot from the mistakes made by your fellow students. The teacher ensures that all students equally get the time to read loudly, answer questions and communicate in English during the live lessons. In case you desire more customized feedback (or re-study any grammar point), you can book extra private class by adding additional class hours into your schedule with %30 discount off normal hourly prices.

By the means of our small group or individual learning system, all our students are provided with unique & private learning experience. Our interactive classes are available online at all times and are instructed by staff members which are present in different time zones, so that you can form a schedule which is compatible even with your busy schedule. You can take classes anywhere 24/7.

All languages have their own accents, dialects and expressions based on the regions. Our students love studying with a combination of teachers as it makes them aware of the numerous methods of communicating with the same language. This also lets you set your own personal method of speaking the language with proficiency.

The major difference between Ataner and an offline school is that Ataner can fit in your hectic routine. You can take a class anytime and anywhere. In other words, you can view Ataner as a conventional school which is based online. All our teachers are local speaking, certified and go through a learning procedure which has been curated by language specialists.

No, we are not a language learning app but an online English academy. We provide live classes taught by certified and native speaking teachers. At Ataner, we know that no compromise can be made for live communication and customized feedback from an authentic person. This is why we offer tailor made lessons depending on our learners needs.