EU plans rollout of travel certificate before summer

EU is bringing in travel certificate to allow travel during COVID-19. Read to find out more information and learn about latest developments.

The EU is all set to bid adieu to the travel turmoil with the issuance of a travel certificate to
kick-start easy travel to Europe.
The bloc will be issuing a travel certificate, what they are calling a Digital Green Certificate,
or a vaccine passport. The aim of this is to allow those who have been vaccinated against
COVID-19, have been tested negative for the enemy of the world, i.e. Corona Virus and
have recently recovered from it, to travel with the EU.
Although this is a sigh of relief who have been missing to meet their families across the bloc
and exploring work opportunities to grow and develop in their career, a lot of concerns have
been reported against the decision.
Some are of the view that this certificate is unfair to the young populace as they will not be
vaccinated this summer but only those above 50’s will. Besides, this also has the potential to
set discriminatory precedence against other countries across the globe. WHO fears a two-
tiered society which is definitely not needed in the current times can take birth. The
organization has proposed its own ‘Smart digital certificate’ but it was not a license to travel.
Considering the global inaccessibility and shortage of vaccines, it should not be a
requirement to travel according to WHO Europe Director Hans Kluge.
Realizing that the virus hits people with vulnerabilities disproportionally and that the vaccines
do not guarantee that the virus won’t attack again, the issuance of the certificate is still being
Stay tuned for more information and add any comments on the certificate.