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United States of America is a land of opportunities and nothing is further from this truth! We at Ataner provide excellent consultancy services to students who want to pursue their American Dream to study in the USA.

Study Abroad in USA

Academic Superiority:

The USA is home to some of  the top Ivy Leagues, Public and Private universities. Statistics show that 33% of the top universities in the world are present in the USA. Out of the top 100 universities in the world, 33 are present in the US. Times Higher Education Ranking has placed seven of America’s universities in the top 10 list worldwide. Ivy Leagues such as Colombia, Brown, Dartmouth, Harvard, Stanford and UPenn are all top universities and institutions in the USA. These universities along with several other private and public academic institutions for years have maintained the highest standard of education and research through rigorous academic practices. Students who aim to study in the USA are hence most likely to make an excellent choice for their future.

Quality Research and Flexible Education:

Universities in the USA provide high standard and top quality education and research opportunities. A big chunk of public and private funding is focused on the research and education programs that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Alongside quality, the universities also tend to be quite more than flexible for the students. For undergraduate students in their first year, the option to pick up multiple and diverse courses is given before they can choose a major by the end of their second year. This gives students the ample opportunity and time to explore their area of interests prior to making a life altering decision. Course advisors and professors of American universities are highly-qualified and trained professionals who are not only limited to classroom interaction but also there to help and guide the students outside of the traditional way of learning.

International Students Community:

Universities in the USA are more than just education institutions. The university life of students is designed in a way that encourages community building. The university administrations acknowledge the hardships faced by international students and hence they have worked out ways to build a strong international students community. The international student offices on campus organizes various programs that are carried out throughout the academic year including regular orientation days, trainings, workshops and mental health and financial support programs for students who seek guidance and assistance.

The Land of Equal Opportunities:

Once students complete their degree, they are legally authorized to work in their related field in the USA. Through Optional Practical Training Employment Authorization (OPT), several students have benefited from the equal opportunities provided everyone living in the country. During the time period provided through OPT, students apply for jobs, get hired and are able to obtain the H1-B work visa. The H1-B is mainly granted to employees who have previously completed their degree in the USA. With this visa several areas of employment are available to students especially software, teaching, engineering, accountancy and marketing. On receiving the H1-B work visa, international students can easily resume their stay without returning to their respective home countries.

Cultural Diversity:

When it comes to cultural diversity, no other country in the world can compete with the USA. According to latest statistics, an approximate 1,075,496 international students are currently enrolled and studying in the USA. Students from Asia, Africa, Caucasus, Europe, Australia and from the rest of the world fly to the US to live their American Dream. Studying in the USA means interacting with the whole world without travelling to the seven oceans of the world. Due to this cultural diversity, students can build up their interactions and develop international network.

How we can help with your application

If you’re interested in studying in USA, arrange a consultation with us and we can help guide you through the process of applying and studying in USA.