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About USA

The United States of America is a country of 50 states spanning over a large area. It is known for many features including its established film industry, Hollywood, and its first class education. It is a hub of research and education and has established its name by producing some of the greatest personalities of the century. 

The USA has one of the greatest populations of international students pursuing a quality education. Nearly 5% of all students enrolled in higher-level education in the USA are international students, and the numbers are growing. The universities of the country offer courses in various disciplines and at various levels of education. There are 172 US universities and colleges among the world’s best, and wherever you want to study in the US, a top university will not be far away. Almost all states and approximately 130 cities are represented in the best US universities list. The most prestigious network of universities, the Ivy Leagues are located in the country. They consist of eight universities in different states of USA and have been producing outstanding graduates. Its members in alphabetical order are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University. They are highly sought after colleges and are very hard to get into. Some alumni include Franklin D. Roosevelt, Barack Obama, Natalie Portman and Jeff Bezos. 

Other universities in the USA are also very prestigious and offer a quality education balanced with extra curricular to its students. California is the most represented state among the best US universities, with 14 institutions, followed by 13 universities in New York, 12 universities in Texas and 10 universities in Massachusetts.