Study in Turkey


Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Mediterranean, Balkans, Caucasus and the Middle East, Turkey serves as a bridge between the Western world and the Eastern World. Choosing to study in Turkey is highly recommended due to its geographic location and high standards of education system. Turkey is the best of both worlds!

Why Study in Turkey?

European Education Standards:

Turkish education system is taken quite seriously by the government of Turkey hence it ranks 2nd in access to higher education all across Europe. Turkey has been a part of the Bologna Process or the European Higher Education Area since 2001 which ensures smooth access to high quality education to citizens of the member states. Due to its membership, a diploma or graduate certificate from Turkey is recognized in all European countries. Turkey also follows European standards of credit system such as ECTS. Moreover, the Turkish government offers several exchange opportunities to its students to study in Europe. Other than that, the government also offers Turkish exchange programs including Mevlana and Farabi to ensure international and domestic exposure to its students.

Turkish Burslari Scholarship:

The Turkish Burslari Scholarship is one its kind international scholarship program being funded by the Government of Turkey. Students aiming to pursue undergraduate, Masters and PhD level of higher education can apply for this scholarship. The Turkish government aims to increase mutual understanding between countries and hopes to contribute to the global knowledge through this scholarship program.


When choosing where to study, students keep availability of finances as their top most priority and a country like Turkey is exactly what they need! If compared to other popular academic destinations, Turkey is relatively affordable and pocket-friendly to live the student life. It not only offers ace academic services, the cost of living and studying is significantly lower. In fact, most of Turkey’s metropolitan cities were ranked least expensive cities in Mercer’s ranking of global cost of living in 2013.

Multiculturalism and Bounties of Turkey:

Turkey is mosaic of various cultures and civilizations due to its geographic location. It is home to the historic Red Apple, former Constantinople, now called Istanbul. Due to its historic roots, Turkey is a homogenous society where people from various cultures have established themselves. For this reason, it is considered to be one of the most tolerant and welcoming places in the world. In addition to its multicultural spectrum, Turkey is blessed with some of the most beautiful enchanting natural beauties coupled with a magnificent historical and cultural heritage. It is a complete package with its beautiful coasts, mountains and beaches. It is truly an adventure!

How we can help with your application

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