Study in China

About China

China is officially known as the People’s Republic of China. It is a country in East Asia. As one of the oldest nations of the world, it has a rich history which can be seen in the number of museums, mausoleums and old ruins found throughout the country. With a highly diversified terrain, it is a perfect destination to explore. It has the world’s most extensive railway system along with a modern bullet train which can reach up to 300 km per hour. 

Compared to other countries, China has a very low cost of studies. China is seeking to promote the development of first-class universities, and Chinese government has been investing heavily in education. There are around 6,000 tertiary education institutes in China are allowed by the Chinese Ministry of Education to admit international students with 160 of these institutes are authorized to hand over Chinese government scholarships. Universities offer both degree and non-degree programs not only for programs with distinct Chinese features such as Mandarin, Calligraphy, Kungfu, Classical Chinese Poetry, Chinese Medicine, etc, also programs in subjects such as MBBS, Business, Engineering and many other majors are provided, In particular, for those foreign students who want to gain some training on Chinese language, almost all the universities set up Language and Culture programs to help them learn Chinese, meanwhile, students can get comprehensive service about HSK test and examination. In addition, a lot of universities offer Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral Degree programs taught in English so that even for those who don’t know Chinese, they can get the opportunity to pursue further development.