Study in China


Home to the Confucius ideology of life-long learning, China is an emerging and immensely popular destination for students to study abroad. The country known for its enormous economic and business opportunities is rapidly developing into an education hub for international learners. Students from all across the world are flocking in China to fulfill their academic and professional desires.

Why Study in the China?

Emerging Global Power

Since the past 35 years China has joined the race with the developed world competitors. In fact, it is leading the race with being one the world’s fastest growing economies spreading its trade networking from east to the west. It is rightly said that China has truly connected the world with its wide-growing trade policies. Several leading companies and industries from the West rely heavily on China for manufacturing and trade. With the help of its economic policies abroad, China has managed to raise capital to modernize some of its least developed provinces and capitals. China is also on the verge of developing and reviving the old silk route that once connected centuries old countries in the west to the countries in east through a single trade route. The modern interpretation of the silk route also known as the Belt and Road Initiative is said to be spread all across Europe, Mediterranean, MENA region and almost all of Asia. With this massive network of trade routes and railway connection, China is said to be becoming a global power of the world.

Learn Mandarin - An Upcoming Business Language

Chinese Mandarin, the world’s most spoken language, is also the official language of the People’s Republic of China. More than 1.2 billion people speak Mandarin not just in China but also in Singapore, a leading economy; Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, one of the most important reasons to learn the language is its association to international business and trade. Business graduates or entrepreneurs are highly likely to benefit from this crucial and influential language. This is why students who pursue studies in China are motivated to learn Mandarin during their academic duration in the country.

International Student Experience

At present there are approximately 500,000 students studying in China with a growing rate of 10% increase in international students each year. Interestingly, China, due to its financial-friendly policies has crossed the UK in population of international students. Despite Mandarin being the mother language, over 4000 programs are being taught in English including medicine, business and engineering. With its growing economic popularity, there are several opportunities for international students to work, invest and to do business in and from China. International students also find China as relatively cheaper than most countries in the west in terms of tuition fee and accommodation services.

Experience a Unique Culture and Civilization:

Chinese culture and civilization is said to be 5000 years old comprising of 56 distinct ethnicities living in a geographically massive country. It is home to a vibrant city life and a destination of scenic beauty and historical significance. Some of the greatest ancient structures are present in China such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China protected under UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. As a student, travelling to these destinations would not just be an enriching experience but would add great value to the studying abroad experience.

How we can help with your application

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