Study in Australia


A top choice for many students who are embarking on their academic journey, we at Ataner highly recommend our brilliant students to consider pursuing studies in Australia, an English speaking country.

Why Study in Australia?

Innovation and Critical Thinking:

Australian universities are  focused on developing skills, innovation and critical thinking of its students. The universities are committed to equip students with not just knowledge but also practical skills and experience in the respective industry. Australian universities understand that the demand for entrepreneurs and innovation has increased drastically on the global stage and hence, the education is now focused to fulfill the new standards of the current needs of the market.

Global Recognition:

Universities in Australia are set to match the international standards of education. The education sector of Australia consists of globally recognized and internationally renowned education institutions and student support services. The presence of most Australian universities amongst the top-most global universities in world ranking such as the Times Higher Education, QS Ranking and Shanghai Rankings is itself an evidence of creditability and excellence. With consistency, several Australian universities each year appear amongst the top 100 universities.

Study and Work:

Australian university graduates are in high demand in the global workforce. Having an education from Australian university in the resume makes candidates an attractive potential employee to employers in Australia and all across the world. In addition to numerous prospects, many Australian degrees include work and internship programs as part of the course study for students to get practical industry experience before they enter the workforce formally. Other than these in-course work opportunities, Australian government allows work up to 20 hours per week during the on-going semester and full-time work during the semester break to international students.

Safety and Diversity:

Australia is one of the most safe and secure country in the world. Each city in the country has a record low crime rate in the world. Everyone is welcomed in Australia. The ethnic diversity makes it one of the most homogenous societies in the world. Each individual is welcomed and secured in the open streets and public spaces. The country values individual freedom and equal rights of its citizens, foreigners and international students through a transparent legal system in place.

How we can help with your application

If you’re interested in studying in Australia, arrange a consultation with us and we can help guide you through the process of applying and studying in Australia.