Preparing for IELTS during COVID-19

Preparing for IELTS during COVID-19 has never been this easy. Follow these tips for a smooth IELTS preparation experience.

How do I manage my application process for studying abroad? How do I prepare for the
IELTS exam as the centres are temporarily closed?
We know that these questions are making rounds on your mind and so many like you since
the outbreak of coronavirus has proved to be extremely challenging for so many of us.
We understand the concerns you must be having regarding your application process and
most importantly the IELTS considering the impact it has on the career goals that you must
have so passionately settled for yourself over the years.
But hey! Don’t get discouraged.
Do you know that this is an excellent opportunity for you to prepare for IELTS, the most
significant part of the application process for international students?
So follow the tips that we have in store for preparing for IELTS during covid-19 and up your
score game for the exams!

Tips to Follow to Prepare for IELTS
during COVID-19:

Many students and even professionals take IELTS as an extremely challenging task.
Yes, it can be difficult but not impossible. With the right tips, techniques, and guidance, you
can get the job done.
Follow the tips below for a smooth preparation experience during covid-19.

Get to Know IELTS Format:

They say the more the merrier, right? The same goes for the IELTS exam. The more you
know the merrier. Use this time to know about the IELTS exam.
The moment you decide to appear for the IELTS exam, be it an in-person or computer-
delivered IELTS exam, study what you are signing up for.

Study in detail about the types of IELTS exam i.e. IELTS academic and General, the
modules involved i.e. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing, the type of questions, the
scoring method and band descriptors, and most importantly, the test format.

Delve into IELTS Specific Content:

This is super important. To have a good command over the reading module, read books,
articles, online blogs, and publications. Oh, and you can also watch movies to get
comfortable with listening and understanding English, something of prime importance when
appearing for the IELTS exam.
Write to your friends about what you watched and read, this will help you in the writing
module. Trust us! These small things will reap great results when you will appear for IELTS
online or in-person.

Get a Speaking Partner:

A lot of students tend to take the speaking test as a battlefield they are too afraid to get in.
Confusion, black-out, and the ‘I don’t know’ become their best friends.
But IELTS speaking is the most fun part, ever! You can easily ace it just by practicing
speaking in English daily with your speaking partner. With Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype, and
many other audio and video applications, you can practice speaking, without any hesitation.
So just take a deep breath, communicate and you are good to go!

Create a Study-friendly Space:

Now that you are at home and studying, working, eating, gaming, and chatting, basically
everything is done at home, clear your space and make it study-friendly.
Do you know that having a clean and managed study or workspace is a sure shot recipe for
better concentration and motivation?
Yes, and since you need all the motivation and concentration in the world during your
preparation, create that space now!

Get the Help You Need:

We understand that studying on one’s own is not everyone’s thing. Some people require
constant mentoring, a check on their progress, and motivation shots to encourage them to
do better.

If you are someone or if you know someone who is not comfortable in preparing for IELTS
on their own, then it is okay. Get connected with IELTS professionals and test centers
offering preparation classes and start your IELTS preparation right away!
It’s okay to ask for help, always!
We at Ataner understand the significance English enjoys when it comes to pursuing study
opportunities abroad. We are just a click away to help you meet or e-meet our foreign-
qualified teachers to help you ace your IELTS exams.

Stay Informed

Staying up to date with the news and updates on IELTS exams during COVID-19 is of
supreme importance. With some centers taking computer-delivered IELTS exams, some
centers have also resumed paper-based IELTS exams.
For the latest information on the tests, you can visit our IELTS exams date page.
Just because COVID-19 is here to slow things down, this does not mean you let it come
between your IELTS preparation. With the right strategy, guidance, and practice, you can do

IELTS Indicator Making Things Easier:

Yes, you read it right! Considering the pandemic situation and the majority of centers closed
for an in-person test, IELTS has helped students by rolling out the IELTS indicator, an online
test that you can use to demonstrate your English language skills to the institution you are
planning to apply to!
You can take the IELTS indicator test at the comfort of your home. You only need an internet
connection; a working computer, headset, microphone, webcam, and most importantly a
quiet place to sit in and perform the test. You may also need to download Zoom and other
applications suggested at the time of the test so make sure the computer is speedy and
Now you must be wondering about the difference between the IELTS indicator and the
normal IELTS.

How is the IELTS indicator Different From Normal IELTS?

Considering the format, the IELTS indicator is almost similar to the computer-delivered
IELTS exam as all modules are online and taken at home except for the speaking test which
is face to face. But with the IELTS indicator, all the modules are at home.
The most important thing to consider is that the IELTS indicator JUST indicates your
command over English language skills to help universities go ahead with your application
when taking an in-person test is not possible. These are not the formal results but just an
‘indication’. This is the very reason that not all the universities in the world are accepting it.
So do check with the university you are applying to for your study abroad application and
remember that the IELTS indicator is not a replacement of the in-person or computer-based
IELTS, so you might have to retake it.
You can get more information on which universities are accepting IELTS indicators here.

How is Ataner Education Group Helping You Out?

Where doubts and uncertainty have become a part of so many of us due to COVID-19, we
want to make sure that ease and safety join the club.
We at Ataner Education Group understand the safety concerns and also believe that the
pursuance of education must not stop, we have started our Online English Academy just for

Why Choose Ataner English Academy for IELTS Preparation:

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IELTS Fast Track Online Course

What Ataner English Academy Offers?

Our online IELTS fast track course is here for you to help you ace all the modules of the
IELTS exam. No matter, you opt for the IELTS indicator, the in-person IELTS, or computer-
based IELTS.

  • Carefully curated online courses for IELTS and English language preparation
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Imagine getting all these services to prepare for IELTS all while sitting at the comfort of your home!

Time to Get the Business Done!

The times are tough but what is great about us humans is that we are wired to get through
almost everything! The same goes for this pandemic that has been hovering over our life
plans since 2019.
We are sure that you will not let it stop you and continue to work hard for your study abroad
applications and IELTS exam. We hope that the tips we have shared with you and the
information we have shared about IELTS Online preparation will be of help to you.
If you still have any questions on IELTS preparation during COVID, visit our dedicated IELTS
Fast Track page
and take yourself a step closer to your goals!