IELTS Exam Tips and Information

Are you getting anxious as your IELTS exam is approaching? Read the exam tips and information for the test day and get ready for your exam.

We know a lot of time, effort, and energy goes into preparing for the IELTS exam. It does not matter if you spend months and months preparing for IELTS, but on the BIG DAY, the stress level is undoubtedly high.

Even if your IELTS exam is tomorrow, the next week, or in the months to come, we understand you must be looking for tips to help you get through the day.

So, on this page, you will find

  • Helpful tips on ‘the test day’
  • Guidelines to help you maintain focus during the IELTS Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Reading
  • How to ace the Computer-delivered IELTS exam

We know that time is of supreme importance, even if your IELTS exam is today, tomorrow, or a few days after. So without much ado, let’s begin!

Helpful Tips on ‘the Test Day’

IELTS online or IELTS in person can trigger tension and exam anxiety. Worry not. Just keep scrolling to find what should be on your mind while appearing for the IELTS exam.

Eat and Drink Properly and Carefully

Would you like to stay on empty stomach for 2 hours and 40 minutes? Even if you do, we recommend that you never do so. There are no breaks in between the reading, writing, and speaking tests. Be it a computer-delivered IELTS exam or an in-person one. Have enough food and water to stay active during the test.

Dress Properly

It is very important that during your IELTS exam, you are dressed properly. Avoid wearing clothes or accessories that will keep your attention on fixing them instead of focusing on the exam.

Reach the Center Well Before Time:

You never know about the traffic, do you? It can get worst anytime thereby making it difficult for you to reach the center on time and get tensed. This tension also ruins the preparation and also makes you forget the revisions you might have done. So it is ideal to reach the center at least an hour before your test begins.

Keep your Test Gadgets Ready:

If you are appearing for a computer-delivered IELTS exam, this does not mean that you wait for the test to begin and then turn your gadgets on. It is highly recommended that you fully charge your laptop, check the microphone and the audio and video settings to avoid any inconvenience during the test time.

Keep the ID Documents along:

Your identity verification is one of the most important steps during the IELTS exam. Make sure you have a valid identity card or a passport, whatever your test center has asked you for, and have it ready as soon as it is requested.

Pay Attention to the Time and Instructions:

Time management and attention to details are least considered by the applicants who are appearing for IELTS. If no one has told you yet, listen carefully to the instructions given before the IELTS exam begins and manage your time wisely. No matter you are on the reading, writing, or listening section of the IELTS exam.

Keep the ‘DON’T’S’ on Your Mind:

As it is really important to do everything to ace your IELTS exam, it is also important you keep certain don’t on your mind to save your test. By this we mean that avoid cheating, avoid, don’t write on the exam paper or take it home and most importantly, don’t continue the test when the invigilator stops you!

Now that we have covered the essentials that you should keep in mind before taking the test, let’s discuss the tips during each test that you should follow.

Tips for IELTS Listening Exam:

Here are the things that you should keep in mind for the listening exam.

  • Make sure you can hear the audio during the IELTS exam and that your headphones are working.
  • Use all the time given during the test to look at the questions and pay attention to the audio.
  • Try to identify the answers to the questions in the exam. Don’t try to waste time understanding the audio.
  • Keep writing your answers on the paper and don’t forget to read the word limit given in the question paper.
  • If you miss one question during the listening test, don’t waste your time on it. Move ahead with the other questions. Keep the pace of the audio and your answers intact.
  • Make sure you transfer all the answers to the transfer sheet during the transfer time given to you.
  • Write all the answers neatly.

Tips for IELTS Reading Exam:

Here are the things you should keep in mind for the reading exam.

  • Carefully skim through the questions given in the reading exam and understand the context of the reading passage.
  • Don’t keep on looking for an answer to a question you are unable to find.
  • Keep a check on the clock. Manage your time efficiently.
  • Remember there is NO TRANSFER TIME. Keep writing answers on the sheet.
  • Aim at finding the answers not understanding the passage. You get marks for the correct answers not correct understanding.
  • Make sure that you write answers neatly.

Tips for IELTS Writing Exam:

Here are the things that you should keep in mind for the writing exam.

  • Do not give task 1 the IELTS exam more than 20 minutes. Be it IELTS academic or general.
  • Spend 40 minutes on task 2.
  • Keep the recommended word count on your mind. Write more than 150 words, around 170-190 words for the task I and more than 250 words, 270-290 words for task II. Remember there is a penalty for writing less than 150 words in task I and less than 250 words in task II. Be careful!
  • Prefer quality over quantity while applying the IELTS writing instructions and scoring criteria
  • Cover the essential points that are asked in the questions for both the tasks.
  • Check your spellings, writing, word count, organization, and structure of your writing tasks.
  • More sheets are always available, just raise your hands and ask.


Tips for IELTS Speaking Exam:

IELTS speaking is not just about speaking English but about speaking it correctly. Here are the tips you need to keep in mind for the IELTS speaking exam.

  • Dress comfortably. It does not matter if you are appearing for the IELTS online or in-person, you have to make sure that you dress what suits and makes you feel well. Remember, the first impression is the last impression.
  • Be confident, sound friendly, and always ready for a conversation.
  • Listen to the questions that your test taker has asked. Avoid irrelevant details and give to the point answers. This is does not apply to speaking part II where more details are preferred.
  • You can always ask the examiner to repeat the question if you are unclear.
  • The test taker can always try to confuse you by interrupting you, take it easy.
  • Use good grammar, pronounce correctly and avoid ‘umms’ and ‘don’t knows’. Always say something even if there are no details in reality. Make things up. Don’t stay quiet.
  • Always take the test as a conversation you are having with a friend. Keep yourself comfortable, attentive, and friendly.

Time for you to go…..

Even if you have the exam in a few hours (Good luck), or a few days or months, it is time for you to now go and focus on your preparation all while keeping in mind the tips we have shared with you.

IELTS exam is a test of your patience and preparation. Just keep all the tips for the test day in your mind and you will do great.

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