Our dedicated mentors, teachers and consultants are here to help build the foundation of your academic and professional future. Through our ethical business approach to business, we have built a family that is credible and reliable in the education industry.

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Professional Education Counsellors & English Teachers

Ataner Education Group take our role as an Educational Counsellors to heart.

Ataner Education Group is an educational institution that is run by Ataner family. We have had thousands of successful students and we owe this success to our 30 years of experience in education sector and the loyalty we have among our students and our family. We see all our students as members of our family and that’s why we are able to guide them on their way to their dreams.

Thousands of successful students & proud parents

On this journey, we have had  thousands of students and parents who had been concerned for a long period until the time they met with us. By listening to their concerns and hearing about their dreams, we consider their current qualifications and decide the best path to follow together in order to enable our students to reach their dreams in the shortest possible time. By the means of our experience and global network with international educational institutions, we guide our students through their education and professionals through their careers. We boost the potential within our students which help them to form the best version of themselves in turn.


We at Ataner understand how important it is to learn English, a widely spoken global language that connects us all. We also understand that learning English as a foreign language can be hard task to achieve. Hence, professional training for learning the English language is our top-most priority. We provide nothing but the best! We offer the best foreign-qualified English Language instructors to our students who intend to learn or polish their English Language skills. With the uncertainty looming around us due to COVID-19, we at Ataner Education Group believe quality learning must continue with the same pace despite strenuous circumstances. At our Online English Academy we have, for our students, prepared individually-curated online courses for standardized exam preparation and for English language learning. Our online courses comprise of various levels and phases that include, online private live lessons, course packs with all the updated course material, personal tutors for one-to-one instruction, intensive self-study portals and specialized feedback updates.

General English

Our General English course is designed for students who are aiming to learn or to improve their English language skills. This course is focused at familiarizing students with the English Language and to improve their English language proficiency in all categories such as Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading, Grammar and Vocabulary.
From 39.99 €

Business English

Our online business English course will develop your language which is necessary for effective communication in the workplace. The course is designed to give you confidence in general business and professional situations.
From 119.99 €

IELTS Fast Track

Prepare for your IELTS test at Ataner English Academy where we provide a wide range of resources and materials prepared with thorough research and experience. Our flexible IELTS Fast Track program offers something for everyone, whether you want to take IELTS test to study abroad, for foreign employment or if you wish to immigrate, Ataner English Academy is at your service.
From 79.99 €


At Ataner English Academy we equip you with all the necessary skills, training and guidance for your TOEFL Internet Based Test (IBT). Through our flexible learning program, we provide intensive training sessions that our mainly focused on developing strategies for approaching Listening, Writing, Speaking and Reading modules of the exam. Our goal is to help our potential students learn academic skills, to improve their grammar and to enhance their vocabulary for TOEFL IBT.
From 79.99 €

Study Abroad

We understand that choosing where to study can be a confusing for most students. We pay special attention to the application process that increases the chances of getting a spot in the right place at the right time. At Ataner Education Group we believe that the world is Your Oyster. We believe that each student has the ability to meet their maximum potential to boost their academic excellence. With our 30 years of experience in the education industry, we have built an extensive network all across the world which enables us to guarantee admissions for our students to their dream universities.   


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